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Constellation Brands Augmented Reality

An AR experience for beer drinkers to learn more about what they are drinking and to discover new beverages.


Our interactive III class was approached by Constellation Brands to create an Augmented Reality experience based around their line of beverages. We could choose any set of drink we wanted and the deliverble could be either a motion piece or a real application.

I chose to try my hands at AR and created a working puzzle game centered around the user searching for various beers on a deserted island. Each time they find a new beer they learn a bit about it.

Spark AR

I had the opportunity to utilize a few different tools to bring this project to life. I had decided to try out Facebooks new (at the time) application Spark AR. It is a node based programming environment for creating interactive AR applications for Instagram and Facebook.

3D Modeling and Animation

The models and other assets, including animations and textures were made in Cinema 4D and later imported into the application. The information cards were designed in Figma. Sadly lighting and life-like renders could not be imported into Spark AR without extremely baking out tons of seperate maps and even then the lighting would be baked in so things would look very off.

Node Based Programming

This is almost like learning a new programming language but once you understand it you realize it is missing a ton of functionality and customizability to make things work the way you want them to.