My name is Andrew Hurley and I am a Product Designer who loves designing intuitive and unique experiences for users.
My free time consists of activities such as woodworking, rendering, hiking, and dog petting.
Spring 2020
Oasis Capstone
My final New Media Design project centered around the phrase "Do Good". We created an interactive meditation experience where users get to follow along with a breathing exercise and see how their breathing effects some generated art.
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Spring 2020
Space BeBop
A rythm game inspired by Tap Tap Revenge and other mobile rythm tapping games. Designed in Figma and programmed in vanilla JS and P5.js.
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Fall 2019
ABC's of Symbiosis
A project where we were tasked with designing and printing an ABC related print piece for children. We decided on creating a card game centered around symbiotic relationships in nature and each member in the group was given letters to design.
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Summmer 2019
Wegmans Weather Application
A weather management and monitoring application designed for Wegmans Food Markets to aid in informing store managers and other VIPS of potentially hazardous weather conditions that could require planning and prep.
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Spring 2019
Demo Reel
A reel dedicated to my favorite work produced during my career as a designer both from internships and school.
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3D Design
Showcase of my 3D renderings and artworks created for class and just for fun.
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Spring 2019
Chore Management
A TV application for family or personal chore management. It is a new take on TV UI and UI in general using physically based renderings inplace of common flat UI design.
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