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Woodworking And Everything Else

Where my passion for wood and electrical engineering (and projects that don’t really fit into their own page) lives. Some things end up looking great! While others serve as learning experiences.


Welcome to woodworking and everything else. Here you will find a few different side projects of mine. Most of these were a couple days long and were made out of fun and an attempt to learn how things work.

Too Many to Count

Over the years I have accumulated a plethora of skills and tools that are usually acquired day of to help solve a problem I am facing when creating things. Lathes, sodlering irons, conductive fabric, metals, led’s, sanding, planing, weaving, smelting, throwing, are all in my arsenal.

Just for Fun

This all started with an old tv that was going to be tossed. When things like this happen I like to take them apart first to see how they work and see if anything can be salvaged from it. After doing some research on what exactly different components did I settled on keeping the screen layers to do something cool with it.

The screen had a few parts, a backlight, diffusion layer, polarized filter, and a fresnel layer which helps add depth to the screen. Using these I wanted to make an LED panel that could be changed to whatever color I wanted using some RGB LED strips and it’s wireless remote.

After taking apart the layers I used the plastic screen backing to mount strips of LEDs and soldered them all together to make a continuous strip. After which I made a makeshift frame from wood and sheet metal making sure to cover any metal points as to not short it out. Unfortunatly a bolt dropped ontop and shorted our some power rails leaving some strips unable to reach certain colors.

Bees, bees, bees!

I made a bee box. But before doin this I had an obsession with what the heck bees are all about. I got so invested in learning how bees worked I wanted to try out beekeeping for myself. In order to do this I started by creating my own bee box out of pine and mahogony. It ended up being a 2 stack 10 medium frame box. I sadly never got to start my own hive as bee packages, which are usually required to start a hive, are only sold around spring time so I never found the time to start one.

Cutting Boards Galore

Probably one of the first things I made when I first started woodworking. These were always more of a creative canvas then demonstration of skill. Both design of the way the colors showed and the method in which they came together was important to consider in each piece. I would usually start by looking at what wood I had left and lay them out next to eachother to decide on colors. Sometimes certain color combinations would spark some inspiration on the theme of the board, such as the popsicle cutting board.